Hospital FRC Volunteers

Volunteers are integral to the work of the Centre, and have been from the beginning of its existance. Hospital Family Resource Centre came about as a result of the dedication and commitment of a group of local volunteers. Currently there are in excess of 60 volunteers involved with Hospital FRC.

From management level to direct work with groups and individuals, volunteers are active alongside paid staff in directing and progressing the work of the organisation.

Every volunteer is provided with a copy of the volunteer handbook. They must complete an application form and undergo Garda Vetting prior to starting. The handbook is updated regularly and is overseen by a Volunteer Forum made up of a group of volunteers and one member of staff.

Principles of Volunteering with Hospital Family Resource Centre

Volunteering benefits the community in which volunteers are living. Volunteering promotes the participation and representation of those who are socially excluded. Volunteering also promotes  the principles of Human rights and Equality.

They join the centre of their own free will. They undertake the activities as assigned to them free of charge with the exception of reimbursement for travel and other general expenses incurred in the line of their work. Volunteering is seen as a way to involve people in a process of community development that will help enhance the life of the community and tackle issues of poverty and social exclusion in the area. Although volunteers do not replace paid workers, they are key players in achieving the aims and objectives of the Centre.

Why Hospital Family Resource Centre needs Volunteers

Hospital Family Resource Centre require volunteers for a number of reasons:

  • To ensure community ownership of the Family Resource Centre.
  • To actively work with groups, individuals and families including older people, youth, children and people with disabilities.
  • To fulfill the aims and objectives of the Centre
  • To avail of the skills, knowledge and experience of the volunteer.

Members of the Governance Group

Maureen Browne

Rainbows, Recreation for Older People (Hospital)

David Casey

Noreen Meagher

Mary McGrath

Project Coordinator

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please see the application form & volunteer handbook, which can be found in the Publications section.

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