Women’s Group

Women’s groups are supported by the Family Resource Centre staff and volunteer leaders, alongside HSE lottery funding Ballyhoura Development Limited, the VEC and the Department of Social Protection, as we identify needs.

Women’s groups are run in Hospital and Kilteely, undertaking a variety of courses and activities.  As a participant of one women’s group said:

The group worked more as an inter-community meeting of people than a ‘course’, nobody was judged in the group and we are all treated as equal. I found my “roots” in the community from joining the group

The groups provide support and a social outlet to women living in the area. 

Feedback from the group has emphasised the importance of the group where women access strategies to support themselves and their families and ‘time out’ from stress.  As part of our review and planning sessions members identified many reasons why they love to come to the group, with a lot of the same themes coming through very strongly, particularly about the importance of the company, kindness, welcoming, meeting each other, the chat and the cup of tea.  All this centering around a variety of facilitated wellbeing activities and information sessions.

New members and ideas are always welcome, as are volunteers who would like to work with the groups.

A number of workshops take place as part of the women’s groups programmes to support mental and physical health and wellbeing for participants.  In light of COVID 19 we hope to introduce workshops on Coping with Trauma, Building Resilience, and continue our focus on Mindfulness and Wellbeing.

Groups also engage in art and craft activities and the programme year culminates in a day trip for all participants.  Areas covered include:

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Art and Crafts
  • Mindfulness
  • Dance
  • Managing Stress
  • Building Resilience
  • Drama, Communication & Relationships – personal, community & workplace.
  • Yoga/ Tai Chi
  • Group projects:  Celebrating Women’s Day, Daffodil Day, 16 Days of Action against Violence against Women
  • Promoting the importance of looking after your health and wellbeing by linking to local services and supports.
  • Increase of support networks

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