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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a professional activity involving counsellors and their clients.  The counsellor offers a two-way helping relationship in which the client can explore specific issues and develop more satisfying ways of living.  The counselling relationship respects the client’s personal values and autonomy.  Counsellors recognise the importance of confidentiality in establishing such a relationship.  Unlike friendship, counselling is a formal activity involving an agreed contract about participation and procedure which is agreed by both parties.  To maintain their effectiveness, counsellors review their work regularly in a confidential setting with a supervisor.  Counselling is underpinned by the values of integrity, respect and mutual responsibility.

The Counselling Relationship and Client Rights

The centre respects clients’ rights to privacy, confidentiality, self- determination and autonomy, consistent with the counsellor’s other professional obligations and with the law.

Counsellors will not allow their service to clients to be diminished by factors such as gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, race, ethnicity, age, national origin, party politics, social standing or class.  Diversity is seen as a source of richness.

Counsellors and staff at the centre will work in ways which promote clients’ personal autonomy and responsibility.

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