The Board of Management is responsible for the overall management of the centre. It comprises of 7 voluntary board members. HFRC policy demands that each board member must be involved in another aspect of the running of the centre. The board is structured across tradition committee lines of Chairperson, Vice- Chair, Company Secretary and Treasurer.

Each area within the centre is overseen by a sub-group. Sub-Group membership is comprised of board members, staff, local volunteers and other agencies and organisations where relevant. While a number of sub-groups are ongoing – such as the Finance and Staff Liaison groups, other sub-groups are temporary and last for the duration of a particular piece of work. For example, an Induction and Recruitment Sub-Group would only be active during a recruitment phase and would be formed at the outset of the process and disbanded one the appointment(s) have been made. On-going and permanent sub-groups are, Finance, Governance, Staff Liasion and Communications.

Mary Harty
ChairpersonJoined board through Internship with the centre. Interest in Knocklong community and youth. Supports PR group. Member of Governance, Finance and Staff Liaison Sub-Committees.
Dan Cooke
Vice Chairperson
Acted as secretary 2010 – 2013. Member of Premises Sub-Group. Skills in relation to counselling and Men’s Group work areas.
Annette FitzgeraldFinancial OfficerJoined Board through involvement with Kilteely Older Persons Sub-Group. Involved in adult education in the centre.
David CaseySecretaryJoined the board in 2017 following an Internship with the centre. Knowledge in Social Care and Volunteer Facilitator on Strengthening Families Programme.
David Whyte
In Attendance
Staff member of Ballyhoura Development Ltd. Joined the board in 2020
Mike Ryan
Board Member
Joined board in 2015. Community member. Health and Safety expertise.
Charles RogersBoard Member
Left the board in 2014 and re-joined in 2020. Expertise in finance, interested in human rights and representative of Hospital community. Involved in Finance Sub-Group.
Noreen Meagher
Board Member
Came onto board as representative of Step Forward Disability Group. Member of staff liaison sub-group. Served as Regional Representative on National Forum of Family Resource Centres.
Trish O’SullivanBoard Member
Joined the board in 2017. Knowledge in Early Childhood Care and Education and volunteer Coordinator of Rainbows Programme in Hospital Family Resource Centre, Member of Finance Sub-Group in 2021

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