Work Plan

2020 Work Plan

The work of Hospital Family Resource Centre for 2020 is represented by a series of six inter-related outcome goals. Each desired outcome has a series of sub-objectives that are specifically designed to achieve the specific outcome. Each objective in turn has a number of agreed actions required to fulfill it. Responsibility for each action is assigned to a predetermined member of the team to ensure delivery.

The agreed outcomes and objectives for 2020 are as follows:

Outcome 1: That local families, and the broader community, benefit from having a Family Resource Centre that is properly governed, managed and promoted

  • To support the local community to direct the work of the FRC and to be involved at all levels in the operations of the FRC
  • To build and maintain partnerships with other organisations and ensure collaborative working is taking place
  • To maintain structures and organisational policies and procedures so that the centre is managed and promoted effectively.

Outcome 2: That families and the broader community are engaged in learning

  • To provide life-long learning opportunities and pathways to return to or re-enter education
  • To provide learning opportunities for children

Outcome 3: That families and the broader community are healthy and well

  • To progress positive mental health
  • To improve lifestyle and physical health
  • Improve wellbeing of children and families
  • To support parents in their parenting role

Outcome 4: That families and the broader community have their voice represented, access positive networks and are engaged in society

  • To facilitate positive networks for those fulfilling specific family roles
  • To facilitate community level networks
  • To deliver safe opportunities for children and young people to meet and play
  • To improve policy and decision making for vulnerable groups. Lobby and influence policy on rural transport, disability

Outcome 5: That families and the broader community are safe and secure

  • Participate in a community-based response to Domestic Violence
  • Community Safety Awareness and Supports
  • Deliver Food Project and Food Aid.

Outcome 6: That families and the community benefit from economic opportunities

  • Admin supports to learners and jobseekers
  • Training Programmes running in the area
  • Support local business and rural services
  • Support to learners, students and volunteers in returning to employment

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