SNA Course

SNA QQI Level 5

A Special Needs Assistant (SNA) supports teachers to meeting the care requirements of children with special educational needs in their classes. These special needs arise as a result of a disability, or disabilities, that the child has.

The QQI Level 5 SNA course is designed to equip the learner with the skills and knowledge of an SNA, as well as a competence in the principles and practices underpinning the role.

Once the course is complete, you will a level five qualification on the QQI scale. Further information on the scale can be found here. At this point, learners will be capable of working effectively under direction in an SNA role.

The course will cover the role and responsibilities of an SNA, incling but not limeted to;

  • the skills and qualities required to carry out the role effectively
  • disability legislation relevant to the role of an SNA
  • the rights of children with disabilities
  • how to relate appropriately to children with additional needs
  • how to relate to the parents, teachers and primary carers of children with additional needs
  • how to assist children with disabilities in a range of activities

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