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Problem Gambling
Brenda O'Keeffe - Counsellor

Problem gambling is  disruptive or damaging to you or your family, or interferes with your daily life. The rate of gambling problems in Ireland is increasing; the addiction treatment centre Cuan Mhuire reported a twenty-fold increase in people presenting for treatment for problem gambling in the four-year period from 2016 to 2020.

Traditionally, betting took place in physical locations,  by men in their twenties or older. In contrast today men, women and children under 18 are all betting. With a smartphone in every pocket, online betting is the fastest growing type of gambling. The ‘gamblification of sport’ has become a major issue in recent years and has resulted in significant numbers of young males experiencing problem gambling in Ireland.

Research shows that for every 1 person engaged in problem gambling, up to another 6 people are significantly harmed by it. The harms caused by gambling to the gambler and their family and friends include, but are not limited to, financial difficulties, damage to mental health (stress, anxiety and depression) and relationship breakdown.

We provide counselling for people experiencing gambling problems, including those impacted by the gambler’s behaviour, such as family and friends. Our service is discrete and confidential.

Brenda O’Keeffe is a fully accredited psychotherapist who has undertaken additional training in University College Cork to respond to the issue of problem gambling.

To contact Brenda:

  • Tel: (061) 383 884  or Mobile: 083 2076403
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Or find us at our Address: Knockainey Rd, Coolalough, Co. Limerick

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